Potatoes worth blogging about

Potatoes are a funny ingredient. They are one of the most loved but at the same time under-appreciated items in our pantry. I would take some good potatoes over fancy ingredients any day, there is just so much you can do... today I roasted them until they were oh so crispy.

These little gems are baby Yukon gold potatoes and first I boiled them, this brings all of the starches out so that they crisp up very nicely. Then I cut the boiled potatoes drizzle some extra virgin sprinkle with coarse salt and chopped fresh rosemary and then roast at a high temperature, I did it at 450 degrees and it took a nice long oven hug of 45 minutes before the potatoes were covered in this much love.

Its also worth noting that the yellower the flesh of a potato the higher it is in vitamin A and if you eat the skin, you will also get some potassium. I'm not sure how many nutrients are actually left after the intense cooking process but it is important to learn something every day!

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