Fennel and Beet Juice

I thought I would include another juice recipe as January is a great time to cleanse and detoxify after a long season of eating what we please! I made this juice this morning as I have been feeling a little sluggish. By giving yourself; particularly your digestive system a break, it helps to give you a great boost and leaves you feeling light. Plus look at how pretty this one is:

It was so simple and refreshing! Also the fennel is really great for digestion and particularly for upset tummys.

I juiced:

2 bulbs of fennel
1 apple
1 beet

(The fennel bulbs I used were pretty small so if yours was large I would just use one) This juice is primarily fennel which gives it a beautiful licorice flavor with just a bit of sweetness from an apple and a bit of earthiness and color from the fennel. Yum!

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