Pour me a tall glass of Almond Milk

I have began a brand new job that I am really excited about, but it involves a bit of a commute and I am now coming home 2 hours later. This week a I made a big pot of beans and rice so I don't have to much to share with you. Well, to say not much is actually an understatement.

I have a tall glass of creamy and sweet almond milk to share with you.

I am trying to get away from Dairy and while I haven't yet tried to use this for anything other then drinking. But my oh my is it a tasty drink! I have really been enjoying it almost as an energy drink. It is full of calcium and protein but more importantly is creamy and sweet.
I love things that are creamy and sweet.

The recipe is simple:

2 cups of almonds
4 cups of water
A big squeeze of honey

Soak the almonds in water for a few hours. I usually do this over night then rinse them really well, they do get kind of slimy so rinse them until they are nice and clean and put them in a blender with the water and a squeeze of honey. Blitz in the blender for a few minutes until the almonds are finely ground. Give it a taste and see if it is sweet enough for your liking. Adjust accordingly. You can also use maple syrup, agave, you could even dissolve the sugar in some of the water. I happen to love honey so I use it as often as I can.

I have even bee washing my face with it.... but I think that will have to be another post!

Once it has whizzed up and all become friendly strain it through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth and enjoy!

Some people like it un-strained and thick - I am not one of those people but if you are, I won't hold it against you!

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