Mango Pudding

My grandmother make the best Mango Pudding!
I think it is all the years or trial and error that make grandmothers so good at cooking. My boyfriend says I am a good cook... but not better then his Mom, which I don't take offense to because we cook very differently. She makes homey classics that warm you from the inside out and I love to experiment and use weird ingredients, and make things a little healthy... well most of the time anyways. I will share the most amazing chicken wings with you soon, that are so good to the taste-buds, but so hard on the heart!

Anyways back to my Grandma, my mom is a fantastic cook, but my Grandma makes certain things that are just irresistible! Like her potato salad, her baked ham, her ribs, her pickled beets, and her mango pudding. Those are my faves. I didn't call her to ask her the recipe when I had a craving, I went online. I only ask for recipes when I am with her so I can have the full demo; except the first time I cooked a turkey, I was 697 kms away and I certainly needed her advice then! But for the Mango pudding recipe I will probably wait until the next time I see her which hopefully will be soon. She is only a ferry trip away!

And ask her I will because this mango pudding did hit the spot, but wasn't quite what I remembered in my grandma's version. I just followed the recipe from here and it was pretty good but I already have a few tweaks in mind, and I can't wait to see what my grandma does! I'll be sure to keep you updated.

And just so you know Mango Pudding is dreamy! Its creamy and oh so mango-y and refreshing. A near perfect fruit dessert that will leave you feeling satisfied and light at the same time!

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