Cool Caprese Salad

I just enjoyed a weeks holiday up through the Interior and Okanagan of BC and on my way home to Vancouver Island I had to stop and go the the Granville Island Market. It really is an amazing site, so much produce from all over the world, baked goods you wouldn't believe, crafts and my favourite the Italian Market where you can get the most amazing stuffed pastas like Feta and Black Olive Ravioli and Smoked Gouda Pouches, and my favorite marinated boconccini.... Swoon!!!

All you need to add are cherry tomatoes to these baby boconccini! Drizzle with a little of the olive oil that they are marinated in and add some fresh basil if you like and what an amazing summer salad. A perfect lunch or snack during those scorcher days that we've been having.

I also added a small drizzle of balsamic - it went a long way and added a little complexity!

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