Happy Holidays!

Its time to bake! And I have just been informed that I am allergic to starch. This means wheat, potatoes... just about all of the great holiday treats so I have been researching and bookmarking recipes that I can enjoy and while my baking hasn't yet began I wanted to share with you the recipes that I will be trying out very soon... probably this week or week end.



This allergy came about as a surprise to me, I knew that starches weren't good for people in general but hadn't realized that they were particularly bad for me, and my reaction was stranger then everyone elses.... my mom, my boyfriend they were all so worried that I couldn't eat this and that but I haven't really noticed or cared. I expected to feel deprived and left out but it seems that now I have a tangible excuse to not eat the foods that never made me feel very good, almost like more of a relief then a worry.... ofcourse when Christmas comes and I can't partake in mashed potatoes and stuffing that tune may change... we will have to wait and see!


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