We have a garden on our hands!

So its not a recipe, but it is a very exciting beginning to hopefully a few!

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure exactly what this sprout is, I planted equal containers of tomatoes and eggplants. Here is a picture of the other kind of sprout:

It was so exciting to see the little sprouts come up! so far I have counted 10 shoots!

I was a little nervous about growing tomatoes from seeds, usually I just buy plants that are already started but the lady at the counter said it was easy enough... I hope she was right, and while there are a lot of shoots, there are 3 of the small round leaves, they are very small and flimsy looking, and the rest are a heartier pointier sprout. Only time will tell, and to think in a few months I will have beautiful vegetables growing on my deck, what a reward! I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Its such a great feeling to plant a little seed all dry and wrinkly then put it in a safe little home of soil and give it a little drink of water and it grow up into a big fruit bearing plant. Just think a little nurturing will lead to nourishment.

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