Mmmm... Dippy Dips!

One of my favourite dips is Baba Ganooj, I tried it the first time because the recipe looked so simple but now have created my own version. It is so easy, delicious and healthy, I even used it last thanksgiving and my guy friends had no idea it was so good for them. One even asked for the recipe! I'm sure he was to 'cheerful' to remember. And by cheerful... I mean drunk!

The Recipe is so simple! Here it is:

1 Large Eggplant
1 Yellow Onion
1 Head of Garlic
Half a Lemon
Salt & Pepper

Roast the Eggplant, Onion and Garlic in a 350 degree oven until lightly brown and soft (I love roasted veggies!) I ususally roast them whole then remove from the less attactive skin and pop it all into a food processor, whiz it up and give it a taste. Add your preference of salt and pepper and enough of the squeezed lemon juice to liven up the party.

I usually ganish with some lemon zest and serve with veggies and pita. It really isn't very pretty but it makes up for it in taste!

Here is another dip that I made while the food processor was out!
I call it Left Over Lunch Dip, because thats what it was, my left over lunch all whizzed up!

I just added equal parts cottage cheese and tomatoes with a big handful of fresh basil. Season with Salt, Pepper, and a little garlic if you like it spiced up! Serve with crostinis or crackers, even you won't remember that it was leftovers! The flavour is so fresh because of the tomatoes! mmmm!!

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