Sweet and Salty Squash Seeds

Waste not, Want not, who made up this saying? I always like to use all of the parts of a food but this saying just makes it seem like such a chore.
These seeds were no chore at all, and turned out to be a perfect sweet and salty little treat. Perfect for snacking.

First I soaked the seeds from a winter amber squash in a brine of equal parts salt, brown sugar and about an 1/8th of pepper or cayenne, or whatever form of spice you prefer, I used a Chinese red pepper and it turned out awesome. I soaked them for a few hours, I cook very casually, but you should aim for 2 -4 hours.

Spread out evenly on a baking sheet and bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 - 60 minutes, mine took a full hour but sometimes it can take less, you should watch them fairly carefully as they could burn quickly. Also don't forget to give them a turn half way through.

Here's a before, they look all soppy and wet but full of potential:

And after; crisp, brown and delicious:

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