Beautiful Breakfast: A morning meal for my love.

What more could a man want? I got up bright and early on Saturday morning to make my man a meal. What was on the menu? A heart shaped theme with Toad in a hole, a heart shaped fried egg with heart shaped dippers and the piece de resistance... Candied Bacon. Now I'm not crazy enough to put it in chocolate chip cookies but this definitely was a man pleaser... and to be totally honest I have not eaten any meat since Christmas dinner, but I could not resist this sweet and salty treat, and I couldn't leave it at a taste! I ate 4 slices! and you know what? It was totally worth ruining my meat-free streak.

Toad in a hole is what his Mom calls this simple breakfast that incorporates eggs and toast all in one neat little package.
So simple - there is no need for a recipe, just cut a hole in a piece of bread, I used a heart shaped cookie cutter because it was February 14th after all; but on a regular day, any old shape will do. Put the bread in a greased pan over medium heat; crack an egg into the hole and flip when the time comes, also don't forget to season with a little s&p. The fried egg was cooked the same way, I used an egg shaper to make it a heart and left the yolk nice and runny for dipping.

The bacon was just as easy, and alot safer then the traditional method of frying bacon in a pan. My boyfriend has always made a big deal about the splattering grease - he is a bit of a drama queen though... I think its a man thing, trying to protect me from the big bad grease! This was easy though and worry free, all you have to do is line the bacon up on a baking sheet, sprinkle with brown sugar, don't over do it just a little sprinkle and rub. Like Paula Dean is always saying to rub you meat, don't forget to give the bacon a little valentine rub down! Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees until your preferred crisp-ness, no flipping required. It was easy and because it was in the oven, it gave me time to tend to the eggs.

This bacon is such a winner! I have seen it on a few blogs and had to try it, I think we were both glad I did. That was it! A beautiful breakfast made with the best secret ingredient of all:

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