Wonton a Smore?

I have so many recipes to post but now looking back at them, as spring is here, and it feels like summer is just around the corner it seemed like time to do something I rarely ever do. Make dessert! It is just my man-friend and I so it doesn't seem worth it to make a whole cake, or a dozen cupcakes. cookies yes but a fancy shmancy dessert? It hardly seems worth it. Plus if I made a cake, I would have to eat it on my own... maybe that wouldn't be so bad but with summer approaching we've got to keep an eye on the waistline. This idea came to me today. I was inspired. Call it what you want. A dessert wonton? An Asian smore? Damn Tasty?

Look at that little pillow of pleasure.

And the inside filled with ooey gooey marshmallow, chocolate chips, and creamy banana!
How does that go again?

Take a plain old wonton and add a slice of Banana, 3 miniature marshmallows and a few chocolate chips. Wrap it up in any wonton fashion you prefer. I like this way because it holds more of the goodness.

Then I fried these little suckers until they were golden brown, I topped them with a little whipping cream and some fresh strawberries. A little something like this:

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  1. that looks absolutely delicious! i think i'll make that this weekend. thanks for the idea! : )